1. Last Call

From the recording Acoustic Solo vol.1 (2012)


Can you play a song for me, my good man
Don’t you know that I’m your biggest fan?
Just one last song for me if you can
Then please could you tell me where the hell I am?

Johnny D slips in about 12 AM
To get his last call without a friend
The roses to Melissa he would send
But I just knew that he’d come back here in the end

It’s the last call, I don’t wanna stall
Better get yourself a coffee cup
And then I’ll make my mind up
It’s the last call for alcohol

Break a glass and spill all over the floor
Bring back a pitcher there gonna need some more
Hard core shots they really can’t ignore
Then they’re face down on the table who’s keeping score

It’s the last call, thought I’d seen it all
Sometimes I just say screw it and I bite my tongue and do it
And say it’s the last call for alcohol

Been a key banger for five years
I’ve the laughs and I’ve seen the tears
But is anybody listening here

Friday night late about 12 AM
I play them all the songs until the very end
You know they smile at me and I know they cant pretend
That’s it’s the broken hearts and the souls I can mend

It’s the last call
Thought I’d just about seen it all
It’s the last train to fly
And this train is not a rush; it’s a ride