From the recording Acoustic Solo vol.1 (2012)


Never seen a rain like this
Makes all the sense in the world to me
Going to test out that Old Port mentality
Another Tuesday night dream for me
65 on 95 in a driving Scottish rain
Hoping that the payoff is worth all the pain

Ride bridges across the water
It’s the Maine reason for this road trip out of season
Like lambs into the slaughter
What is this crazy game?
And why do I bother?

Left alone under the lights with a microphone
While faithless subjects view their king upon his throne
Colored verses blowing round in my mind
That never seems to make much sense and refuse to follow rhyme
Scattered few as the walls come crashing round
Find a darkened corner pick my pride up off the ground

Like glasses full of water
Enough to stay alive but leaves no meaning to survive
Room keeps getting hotter
Why do I play this game?
And why do I bother?

Never seen a rain like this
May have missed a few along the way
Another lifeless room someone open up the drain
Gotta make you laugh or it will drive you insane

Days keep getting longer
And I’m not getting any younger
A little help from the crowd sometimes
Makes all the difference in my world
Instead of glasses full of water