presenting a full multi-cam live-stream broadcast in front of a live audience


a new kind of LIVE! concert and live-stream begins a series of events focusing on the  promotion of the musical arts and the  showcasing of original content by local performing artists.  and as always., striving to create  a unique musical production and a quality broadcast live-stream.

tickets for the LIVE show --- $10 at the door
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lets meet the players for the show!!!

--- Eddie Seville ---

Country Music People calls him ---    “a natural storyteller with powerful vocal and sharp lyrics”

Indie Strong said --- “Eddie Seville is the real thing in a sea of artists trying to act like the real thing”.

Eddie performs solo acoustic for our performance on October 23, 2021.

Eddie Seville is an American songwriter & multi- instrumentalist best known as the voice and creative force behind the outlaw country rock & roll band,  Steel Rodeo. 

Drawing from folk, roots and country blues, he's written songs released on Island / Atlantic and Universal Records as well as music aired on the top three US television networks and HBO.

--- marc apostolides ---

head alchemist of the apostolides project 

"creating quality music creates quality experiences, where such soulful sounds, have no bounds, and the change of mood is everlasting"

a unique singer/songwriter who delivers a smooth sound with a vocal style all to his own. 

as a  solo artist, the past 30 years have involved countless live performances which have established the powerful player, songwriter, and singer that he is today. 

--- free motor theory ---


marc apostolides

jeff duncan

stephen rejniak

keith oldham

scott peszko

rising from the ashes of a 90's rock cover band,  free motor theory  delivers the kind of original material that sets the mood for a "roller coaster ride" style of a performance.  ups and downs to high and lows, this group has nearly perfected the presentation of a unique musical production that you will not want to miss.